The story of Lapin Marjat

Lappish local food in bottles and jars

Asko and Maritta Autio from Sodankylä have conjured up delicacies from Lappish ingredients for almost two decades, and the desire to spread the message of the nutritious Arctic berries even wider inspired them to create Lapin Marjat.  

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The products of Lapin Marjat are from the northern forests, where tasty and antioxidant-rich Arctic berries grow. Quench your thirst  with healthy berry juices, spoon blueberry jam over ice cream or enjoy your morning porridge with refreshing lingonberry sauce.

Berry juices

The berries Lapin Marjat uses have been wildcrafted fresh and cold-pressed to create juices which contain maximum nutritional benefits – and let’s not forget the superb flavour! Berry Juice bottles available in 250ml and 500ml sizes. Sugar-free version of blueberry juice is also available (500ml).


When you want to curl up with a good book or watch your favorite TV show, a warm cup of Hohde -berry juice makes the moment just perfect. We chose to unite spicy ginger and sweet cardamom with blueberry and lingonberry.

Berry sauces

Did you know that berry sauces complement many diverse meals? From savory to sweet dishes, take your meal to the next level with our delicious bilberry, lingonberry and cloudberry sauces.

Berry jams

What would pancakes be without mouthwatering berry jam? Our yummy jams, made from the clean and nutritious Arctic berries, taste great together with ice cream, cakes and other desserts.   

Lappish raisins

Not all raisins grow under the intense California sun. Lappish raisins, made from lingonberries, are the product of the gentle midnight sun of Lapland. They give each snack break a true Arctic flavour.

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